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Experimental and Clinical Imaging Technologies


In order to initiate innovative seed projects that have the potential for break-​through medical diagnosis or treatment and to recognize scientific achievements in the field of biomedical imaging, EXCITE Zurich organizes the following activities to foster biomedical imaging research:


Connecting scientists from various disciplines is one mission of EXCITE Zurich.

EXCITE Symposium, Seminars and Workshops:

EXCITE Zurich has been bringing together researchers, students and industry representatives from different fields to critically discuss current and future imaging technologies and approaches. Highlights include the annual EXCITE Symposium.

Virtual Reality:

EXCITE Zurich is committed to developing and exploring novel ways of imaging data visualization and analysis.


The University of Zurich (UZH), the University Hospitals (USZ and associated hospitals), Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and ETH Zurich (ETH) offer an outstanding collective biomedical-​imaging infrastructure. In order to foster interaction, EXCITE Zurich mediates the available technologies between research groups.