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Experimental and Clinical Imaging Technologies


Education and training is a central mission of EXCITE. Therefore, we are offering high-​quality education programs covering the full range area in the field of biomedical imaging. Our goal is to educate ambitious students and talent individuals to become the experts and decisions makers of tomorrow who are taught by leading researchers.

Our courses include:

Schools and Courses

EXCITE Zurich has offered schooling on biomedical imaging courses available to national and international students. Courses include the EXCITE Summer School on Biomedical Imaging, the EXCITE Industry Day, the Zurich Winter School on Advanced Microscopy, the School on Image and Data Analysis (ZIDAS) and the ScopeM Microscopy Training Program.

Masters in Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical Engineering is a growing interdisciplinary field between biology, medicine, engineering and physics which focus on solving human health problems through advances in diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention of human diseases. EXCITE Zurich supports one out of 5 tracks of the study program entitled - biomedical imaging.

MD/PhD on Biomedical Imaging

EXCITE Zurich has endorsed the MD/PhD program at the University of Zurich by offering lectures on biomedical imaging as part of a dedicated track for medical students.

MAS Medical Physics

The MAS in Medical Physics is a two-​year part-​time program designed for individuals with a MSc or PhD degree in Physics. The MAS aims at providing a solid foundation in the field of medical physics, such that graduates can quickly and successfully be employed in medical physics related jobs in clinics, industry and research. 

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